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3 Huge Tips For Your Facebook Page

Imagine this.. You’re a business owner and you don’t have a facebook page yet. Scary thought?

Well, this is actually true for business owners who DO have one. Because, you know what’s just as bad as not having a facebook page? Having one that sucks. Good thing is.. it’s not too late to start!

Here are 3 helpful tips on how to make sure your facebook page doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

  1. Video - You have to get over your fear of the camera. Anxiety is a feeling you get when you know you’re not doing enough or know that you should be doing more. Trust me, I’ve felt it. But, here's the thing.. I didn't sit and wait for the feeling to pass... I acted on it. You have to use video to gain your customers trust through entertainment and education. You have to put yourself out there and let people know who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you. If they’re not seeing you then I guarantee they’re seeing your customers.

  2. Post Every Day - Now, I’m not perfect at this and like everything else in the beginning stages, I was on fire; posting every day..getting more and more likes with every post..and really gaining some local recognition from my friends and family.. That’s what helped build my company’s momentum and my customer’s confidence in doing business with us.

  3. Use you sales teams - You have a group of people who love your company, want to see your business do well and are actively speaking with potential clients all freakin' day long. Use them. Instruct them to push customers to your facebook page so they can see how much fun y’all have as a company. This is where you can’t be afraid to show your personality on your page a little bit. Who’s the “funny guy” or gal in the office… try to catch a clip of them dancing or doing something that is not business related.. Those kind of things go along way for customers. Not every video has to be a professional production.. Sometimes people just need another voice telling them what to do.. A more personable voice communicating the personality of your brand.

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