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Local High School Student Skips School... Spends Whole Day At UAC Corporate HQ.

Last week,

Jeff Wolpa, our VP of Southern Sales, was chosen to be the featured star of a local student's class project.

Cale, a senior of Northwest High School, spent the entire day with us, skipping school, getting a hands-on experience and the inside scoop of what goes on behind the scenes of our business.

His assignment was to interview somebody that they consider a leader in business, preferably from an industry they are interested in pursuing, and to document a day in the life of that person. I love that his school tasked him with this assignment. I'm hoping this was their way of jump starting the next generation and giving them a taste of how the world works, the professional/business world... since colleges don't seem to be doing a very good job at that these days.


Cale worked for us as a paid intern this past summer and we couldn't have asked

for a better candidate. We know we made the right decision in casting Cale as our first ever recipient of our Annual Paid Summer Internship Program; he obviously saw the benefit in what we do and enjoyed the culture we've created... so much so that he came back to record and document all of it!

We're currently waiting to hear back from him and learn what grade he received on this project. We think he deserves an A, or at least an A+.

Here's a highlight reel from his project called Jeff's Day!

- The Ad Team

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