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Top Places To Work In Arlington, TX.

There are plenty of companies in the DFW area that a talented individual

like yourself should want to join, but one family business stands out among the rest: UAC Advertising.

Not only do they have the experience every job seeker should want when

beginning their journey with a new company, but they also have that

"start-up" feel everybody seems to be looking for nowadays.

Years of Exp: 44

Location: 127 seconds away from Mariano's

Employees: 171 awesome people

Customers: Over 80,000

1) Family Owned and Operated... and they make great queso.

Now, this isn't something we say simply because the owners share the same last name...more importantly, the culture they created has developed into one that is

so contagious and so deeply rooted in family.. that it really does feel like you become a part of theirs on day one.

In addition to their bottomless pots of coffee and monthly Company Feasts when the leadership team cooks for the entire building (by the way, the CEO's homemade Texas Trash Queso is as Texan as queso gets), their genuine eagerness for new hires to succeed is demonstrated daily by the training staff and how much they work one on one with trainees. It's easy to tell that they truly care about each individual as a person and see team members as more than just employees with ID #'s next to their names.

2) No Nights, No Weekends, Off @ 12Noon Every Friday.

Yeah, that's right... If you're tired of working the night shift or hate always

having to cancel your plans every weekend because you need to work, then UAC's hours are perfect for you:

Mon-Thrs : 8am - 4:45pm

Every Friday : 8am - 12pm Noon

It's very important to the foundation and sustainability of UAC's culture that every employee has the chance to make it home every night for dinner with the family... or if that's not their situation, that they have plenty of time to do whatever they want to do and not have to think or worry about work and all the other stresses that naturally come with being a responsible, hard-working, employed human being.

3) You Get Paid To Learn

Depending on which class you join, you'll either be hired on as a Caller or a Sales Rep. The caller program is for individuals who have never been a part of the sales industry before; they work their way up to become Sales Reps and while you're a Caller, you will make sales calls to business owners. You'll build rapport and introduce the company while gaining their trust and growing their interest in our products - then you'll pass the phone off to the sales rep who will close the deal.

Note, the skills you'll learn from their training course are an easy weapon

for people who'd rather use their newly found talent for anything other than the greater good of the customer... so please be certain you possess the necessary amount of integrity it takes to involve yourself with this line of work.

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