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I Bet You Didn't Know This About Our Maps...

Our maps are truly amazing and, honestly, more revered than you may think. What I mean by that is, they hold a very special place in the heart of UAC.

Not only are they currently one of our top performing products as we head into 2018, but they're also the very first product we ever started selling back in 1974.

"You know like a globe, but on paper... like if you had a globe then backed over it with a truck; flattened out the sphere then zoomed in real close on the streets, that's what our maps look like and your ad will be featured on hundreds of them." - P.B.

Above, Randy Travis is holding up our map of St. Martinville, Louisiana during his role in the classically beloved Christmas movie, Christmas On The Bayou.

The map is from our Top Small Businesses of St. Martin Parish campaign we ran for the residents of St. Martinville 3 years ago.


Country singing legend, superstar, icon and recent survivor of a massive stroke that left him with the inability to speak is holding our map and looking at our client's ads. That's pretty exciting.

(Find out more about his recovery here:

If that wasn't cool enough; to have country legend, Randy Travis displaying our product in a wonderful Christmas movie that has 96% positive reviews... our map's small role in this popular flick also made a lasting impression on viewers, so much so that it stuck in their minds even after the movie was over.




Ron, our head graphic designer, brought his copy of the movie to work with him the other day and we were ecstatic... not because we were surprised by it or anything, we know our maps are legit, but because it proves us right!

We're always preaching to our customers about advertising, how important it is and how our way of doing it for them really does work... all the way from our processes to the people and the programs to the products, well, Randy Travis holding up our map perfectly exemplifies the notion that advertising as much as possible is always a great thing to do for your business.


We fight to help our clients succeed with their advertising efforts and push ourselves every day to get thousands of other business owners to understand this concept and the value it brings. We care so much about our customers... We really do. It's all we know how to do... well, that and produce awesome advertising campaigns.

In the spirit of Christmas, we wish you a blessed one and look forward to enjoying a couple days off and starting 2018 off right.

Also, check the movie out and let us know if you can spot our map!

From our family to yours,

Merry Christmas

- UAC Advertising

If you'd like to order your own maps or request more information, you can visit our map branch at

Also, feel free to give us a call @ 309.408.0606

or send us an email to

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